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    Yantai Bearing Instrument Co,.Ltd
    The S793 has been identified by provincial scientific and technological achievements.
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    The S793 conical roller bearing vibration measuring instrument developed independently by yantai bearing instrument co., ltd. has been identified by provincial scientific and technological achievements. Appraisal opinion: "S793 tapered roller bearing vibration measuring instrument" tapered roller bearing vibration acceleration value can be realized the automatic detection of sorting, filled the domestic blank, reached the international advanced level.
    The "S793 conical roller bearing vibration measuring instrument", commissioned by the science and technology department of shandong province, will be held on May 10. Yantai city technology bureau- director Meng, results department- Mr. Wang, chairman of the association of shandong province- Mr.LIU Dongfu, instrument department of LuoYang- minister Zhu Kongmin,  shaft vibration expert professor, naval aviation engineering institute- professor HouZhiqiang,etc. Nine industry experts attended the appraisal meeting. The leader and the expert listened to the work report and technical report of the company, and conducted the field inquiry, and carried out the careful review of relevant documents and the product running test and test.
    Leaders and experts gave high evaluation to the research and development of the product, and believed that the project selection was correct and met the key technical requirements of the industry to meet the market demand. Companies adhere to independent innovation in the process of research and development, adhere to the leadership, bring together the engineering and technical personnel, closely integrated with the mechanic, adhere to the combination of theory and practice of scientific experiments in the well completed the research project of science and technology. We hope that yantai bearing instrument co., ltd. will further optimize product design and production process, speed up mass production, meet user demand, and make greater contribution to industry development.