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    Yantai Bearing Instrument Co,.Ltd
    Yantai bearing instrument co., LTD was awarded the title of "star enterprise of 2001 China machinery industry competitiveness".
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    By the China federation of industrial economy, China machinery industry federation and China mechanical and electrical daily held "the third China machinery industry core competitiveness top BBS", recently held in Beijing.Yantai bearing instrument co., LTD. Won the title of "star enterprise of China machinery industry competitiveness 2001" at this conference.According to understand, to guide and promote machinery enterprises to improve the core competitiveness, to adapt to the new situation of economic globalization, the real shouldering the mission of China "equipment", China's industrial economy association, the China machinery industry federation and China mechanical and electrical daily last successful "mechanical industry core competitiveness evaluation", on the basis of from the start of this year, according to the national bureau of statistics, China machinery industry information center and other relevant units of statistical data in 2001, according to the mechanical industry core competitiveness evaluation system, China industrial economic association, China machinery industry association and China electromechanical daily have evaluated more than 5,000 major enterprises in the machinery industry. Faw Volkswagen co., LTD., etc. 100 companies won the "2001 China machinery industry core competitiveness" top 100 titles: including yantai bearing instrument co., LTD., 72 companies won the "2001 China machinery industry competitiveness star enterprise" title.